New World Wine Awaydays

See the flavors of the whole New World, from Canada all the day down to Chile, around the Southern Hemisphere to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Wine Cruises

Sail away in luxury on cruises through the world's famous wine valleys.

Old World Vine Vacations

All across Europe, the Old World awaits you! Discover to tastes and smells dating back centuries, or even millenia. See it all from the Protugese coast to the Causcaus Mountains, the cradle of wine.

Decanted Destinations

Welcome to Decanted Destinations, the travel agency that doesn’t just help you see the world, but drink it in!

Here you can find what you need to have an outstanding adventure to your favorite wine regions, or maybe ones you’ve never heard of. Whether you are a fan of reds or whites, zinfandel or chardonnay, rose or champagne, Napa Valley or Leelanau Valley, your tastes will be fully catered to with DD. See yourself discovering the Paso Robles vineyards in the California sunshine, or enjoy a glass of Finger Lakes vintage from your New York winter cabin. Find tastings, tours, or even just accommodation in your desired wine country. Are your travel tastes as refined as your wine tastes? Maybe what you need is a view from above in a hot air balloon over California or Turkish vines, or a view from the river banks with a river cruise through Europe’s most famous vintage viticulture.

You can count on Decanted Destinations being with you throughout your whole trip, from the early stages of handling the mundane details of your trip, to a follow up after your return home. DD is here to ensure you have an unforgettable trip to any worldwide wine country, and will be as involved as you wish to make sure it happens. With the sights to see, aromas to smell, wine (and cheese) to taste, your senses will thank you for choosing Decanted Destinations!

COVID Safety
The travel hosts we work with are implementing new safety standards to help slow and stop the spread of COVID-19. If there is any change regarding trip status, refunds, or safety protocol, it will be our job to keep you, the traveller, informed. Please understand that avoiding the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility for all of us; travel companies will ask guests to follow prevention measures. If said measures are not followed, we cannot gaurantee safety or even refunds.

Decanted Destinations is working to build reputation and trust with clients and travel hosts. With COVID-19 still very much a reality, we build trust by doing whatever it takes to help our clients AND hosts avoid the disease. This requires DD staying up-to-date on travel alerts, hosts keeping their locations sanitized, and guests following requested prevention measures.
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About Decanted Destinations

Founded in 2018, DD is an independent travel agency that operates within the Orange County, CA area but is open to servicing any wine lover who gets in touch, no matter their location in the world. It is our duty and pleasure to provide personalized customer services and advocacy combined with expertise in both destinations and the travel industry itself.
Our mission is to transform as many lives as possible and turn every customer into a friend, through the power of living richly in experiences and wine.
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